When you Enter this Loving daycare Consider yourself One of the special Members of an Extraordinary Community!

Mission Statement

The Cathedral Area Cooperative Daycare objectives are to:

  • provide high quality, non-profit, licensed childcare.
  • provide a positive early childhood experience that is child-centered, represents cooperative values, and forms the basis for healthy development and lifelong learning.
  • follow a “learning through play” philosophy. Through play, children learn cognitive, language, physical and social skills. Our job is to make sure that each child has numerous positive experiences throughout the day.
  • recognize and respect each child’s unique and individual developmental needs.
  • partner with parents in achieving positive child development and support the child and the family unit.


In April of 1979, the Angus Daycare Society was formed as the result of Baby Care Services Ltd. (1968) giving up their daycare license. The Angus Society was formed to provide continuity of care for preschoolers and school aged children. Later in 1979, The Angus Daycare vacated the original premises which were in need of repair and temporary space was located at Holy Rosary School. With a group of loyal staff and a supportive community, a house was renovated to meet the needs and provincial standards at 2051 Cameron Street. In the fall of 1980, the Angus Daycare Society leased the facilities at 2051 Cameron Street.

The move to Cameron Street was met with joy for both the staff and children who had demonstrated great patience through the “homeless months” of the daycare. In 1981, the Angus Daycare entered a new time line with creative and energetic staff, a secure facility and minimal fees to offset the operating costs.
In 1982, the daycare was incorporated as the Cathedral Area Coop Daycare. The daycare organised as a cooperative which in 1982 was defined as, “People working together for mutual benefit. All members of the cooperative (ie: children, staff and parents) work together for our daycare center”. Administratively the daycare followed an organizational structure based on the constitutional requirements of the Saskatchewan Co-op Act. It was parent controlled, no-profit daycare center. The Coop membership elected board was elected to carry on the administrative functions for the year, in addition to, setting up committees which were formed by individual members, with representation from parents from each family. The Executive Director was an official member of the board and was directly responsible for enforcing policy and administrating the daycare program. In 1985, the cooperative purchased the house at 2051 Cameron Street and in 1999 paid off the mortgage in full.

Today – 38 years later the Cathedral Area Coop Daycare is still strongly operating as a no-profit cooperative daycare center in the heart of the Cathedral Area. A board of 12 committed parents work together to oversee operations and financials, review policy and plan for the future of the Cathedral Daycare. In addition, board members with the help of individual parents, work on 4 different sub-committees; Fundraising, Maintenance, Staff Wellness and Family Engagement. With committed parents as leaders and the willingness of parents to volunteer and lend a hand for the betterment of the organization, the Cathedral Area Coop Daycare continues to live by the original intent of the cooperative as set in 1982.

What continues not to change over the last 38 years is the commitment by staff and Executive Director to provide quality childcare and programming each and every day. Over the last few years the Cathedral Daycare has been recognized for its high level of Play and Exploration programming, as well as, its commitment to diversity education in all its forms. We pride ourselves on having a diverse staff and a welcoming environment for all types of families.

Most recently in the fall of 2019, the Cathedral Daycare expanded its programming and opened a Before & After School Program at Westminster United Church just down the block! This great partnership with Westminster has allowed us to expand our programs and provide not just coop members but also the wider community quality childcare on both school days and professional development/school holidays.


The main daycare center is located at 2051 Cameron Street, and the Before and After School Program rents space in the Westminster United Church Basement at 3025 13th Ave (use the side door on Cameron Street). Both sites are located in the heart of the Cathedral neighborhood and are less than 1 block apart.