Multicultural Room

Our community continues to be diversified. It is very important for our children to understand and accept the differences among people. One of the key aspects of the early childhood teacher is to help young children develop a sense of being citizens of the world. Children in our daycare learn about other countries and different ethnic groups. They become accustomed to the idea that there are many lifestyles, languages, cultures, and points of view. The purpose of the multicultural curriculum is to attach positive feelings to multicultural experiences so that each child will feel included and valued, and respond in a friendly and respectful manner to people from other cultural groups.

  • Puppet Area
  • Musical instruments from around the world
  • Books that reflect a variety of cultures and communities
  • Dramatic play area



Field Trips

Each age group enjoys two field trips per month.

  • Science Centre and Candy Cane Park
  • Library programs – Connaught and Central Library
  • Parks near the daycare centre – Victoria Park & Wascana Park
  • Other destinations may include: Farmer’s Market, spray park, Cathedral Arts Festival, Conexus Arts Centre, Royal Saskatchewan Museum, Fire Hall, grocery stores, movie theatres, RCMP Museum.



Natural Outdoor Playground

This project was completed in 2016, and staff, children and families were involved in both the design and creation of the play area. When possible, attractive natural and recyclable materials were used for the play area. Our goal was to create a developmentally appropriate, fun learning environment which encourages children to use their five senses. The playground has a variety of areas including; water and mud, sand, musical wall, science wall, art wall and a climbing structure with balancing beams. There is also a place for dramatic play and a quiet area.

Music Program

Sine joining the Daycare I have already learned so much about the children in my music classes. I have been able to see what they are interested in and how they enjoy their learning. In our music classes, I have tried to incorporate educational learning through song. We have done songs that involve movement, navigating body parts, learning and identifying the colours of the rainbow, and creating the sounds that particular animals make. We also begin every class by saying our name and one thing about us (I will give them a topic such as “favourite food”, “favourite colour”). Within these songs, the children are able to learn rhythmic skills, melodic skills, and even public speaking skills as I encourage them to speak by themselves with a clear voice in a group setting. When planning for the music classes, I consider the children’s age that each of them learn a little bit differently. For the most part, I do keep both lessons the same as I feel it is important to allow all ages to participate in the same material, but I do slight adjustments depending on age. Overall, I find the children enjoying their music time with me and I am continuously seeing their creativity shine through each time!

Strong Daycare Community

Families are invited to a variety of events at the daycare throughout the year. The strength and success of our daycare relies on the engagement of families in the daycare programming. We pride ourselves on being inclusive and creating a safe community for all families.

  • Multicultural Celebration (August)
  • Annual General Meeting and board elections (September)
  • Annual Christmas supper and party
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