Fee Schedule

The Cathedral Area Daycare provides Full-time care for families. If you are interested in becoming a part of the Cathedral Area Daycare please complete our waitlist request HERE

Age Group/ProgramFee
Toddler (18 – 29 months)
*Parent fee reduction grant applied
$680.00/month (Parents portion: $347)
Preschooler (30 months to August 31st, the day before the month they start kindergarten.)
*Parent fee reduction grant applied
$620.00/month (Parents portion: $314)
Kindergarten (From September 1st of the month they start kindergarten until June 30th of the month they end kindergarten)
* Parent fee reduction grant applied. If your child turns to age 6 or moves to our B&A program, your fee will be returned to the regular fee or be applied to the B&A fee.
$580.00/month (Parents portion: $314)
Before & After School (Includes all PD Days and School Holidays).$470.00/month
Before & After School ONLY (Excludes all PD Days and Holidays).$385.00/month
All PD Days & School Holidays ONLY$285.00/month
Summer Rate for children who have completed Kindergarten Summer Rate for Children who grade 1 & higher$580.00/month $675.00/month
Drop-in rates for School Age (Members)$45.00/day
Drop-in rates for School Age (Non-members)$50.00/day
Summer Care Programs
Summer 2022 Rates
Full Time – Kindergarten “Graduate” Summer Care
$620.00 month  

Full Time – School age (Grade 1 & higher) Summer Day Camp Care  
Member Rate
$675.00 Month

Non-Member Rate
Weekly Rate – School age (Grade 1 & higher) Summer Day Camp Care  
 Member Rates
Pending availability (space is limited)
$250 per week (5 days) 
$200 per week (4 days)  

Non-Member Rates
Pending availability (space is limited) 
$275 per week (5 days)
$225 per week (4 days)
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